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Taking the LFCE exam (with LFS211 as prep guide)

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Hello all,

1) is the exam exclusively multiple-choice or not? If not, which topics should be focused on in detail?
2) Is it important to know processes (installation, configuration, logging, filter, etc.) of specific topics (e.g. configuration of DHCP, DNS, servers, database, etc.) in detail? If yes, please describe the details to focus on.
3) if one chooses e.g. Ubuntu as a system platform for the exam, do the audit tasks also exclusively base on Ubuntu?
4) in some course chapters tools (e.g. GUI tools, firewall tools, etc.) are only named without getting into more detail. Is it necessary to check these tools in detail (e.g. tools like Snort are quite complex) ?
5) How important are the lab parts from the course for the exam? Considering the exercises on what parts should be focused (mostly commands, installations, configurations, monitoring, logging, etc) ?
6) During the exam, do I have enough time to lookup commands etc.? Are there time limits for each objective as a hint how much time to spend on an objective?
7) If there are still further important things to consider on the exam besides the prep doc, please give me a hint.

Best Christopher


  • coopcoop Posts: 512

    Questions about the LFCE exam are better posed to the certification people, as the training course developers do not have access to the exams and are not directly involved in their construction, and actually have the same public information as students do. Also the web site has detailed information about the exam format and guides to preparation materials. However, some well known facts:

    1) There are absolutely no multiple choice, true false, etc questions. The exam is completely performance based, you are given access to a virtual machine where you perform various tasks.

    2) Keep in mind there are limits to how complex a task you can ask someone to do in a relatively short time, say 20 minutes to a half hour at most.

    3) If you are on Ubuntu you will given ubuntu/debian based tasks, on centos, redhat/centos/fedora tasks. I.e, either .rpm or .deb as appropriate etc. Since the material is command line based you should not expect a lot of GUI.

    4) see 2)

    5) Labs are the important part, we believe in learning by doing and the exams are performance based. As for details as you ask, I do not know, but keep in mind 2)

    6) Ask certification people, but I"m sure you have full access to the on-machine resources, such as man and info and command helps. (You can't google I'm pretty sure.) I also (non-authoritatively) believe time management is purely your own, if you want to spend the entire two hours on the first problem, no one will stop you.

    7) see 1) to 6) :wink: Keep in mind you always get a free re-take, so try to limit your angst and view the first attempt as a learning exercise, this will often make it easier to pass rather than overthinking.

    I hope this is helpful, but please don't use my comments as a substitute for the certification help. I help design a lot of the course material, but we have a firewall between exam and course -- why is a subject for another discussion, but is a common practice in this arena

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    Please also check the publicly available resources for LFCE, including domains and competencies, prep guide, certification policies and candidate handbook, etc: https://training.linuxfoundation.org/certification/linux-foundation-certified-engineer-lfce/. If you have additional questions, please email [email protected]

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