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Low disk space on “Filesystem root” 0 bytes disk remaining


Hello everyone,

I am struggling against disk space, regarding root location.

Seems like I have reach 100% usage, and cannot find a way to regain space, there is no "big" files in that partition.

When I do df -h:

9.7M /bin
36M /boot
0 /daily_lock
0 /dev
9.4M /etc
796G /home
268M /lib
4K /lib64
16K /lost+found
1.4T /media
12K /mnt
178M /opt
0 /proc
19M /root
18M /run
13M /sbin
4K /srv
0 /sys
64K /tmp
4.6G /usr
289M /var
2.2T total.

This is how I have partitions assembled in the system with lsblk:


I have used apg-get autoremove, apt-get clean, removed old linux-images and it had no effect what so ever in root folder.

I have also removed libreoffice to gain more space, and looking through Disk GUI, I notice that I had 626MB free, but still when I try to upgrade this system I get the message "You dont have enough free space in /var/cache/apt/archives" and it just need 465 MB of archives and after installation it will only use 94MB.

After search about the subject, I didnt found any solution that could solve the issue.

Anyone knows how can I solve this?

NOTE: I can only access that machine through HP ILO, where copy paste is not possible. SSH and other forms of remote desktops with copy paste capabilities are also not possible. With an OCR engine it doesnt convert text properly****


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