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All my USB ports shut of randomly and don't turn back on - Plz Help

itsmino Posts: 1

I've been having this problem recently while after my PC being on for an extended period of time (1 hour 30 mins or less) all my USB ports completely shut off. I can see when its coming as random USB ports turn off for about 3 secs and turn back on and eventually turn off all together and have to be unplugged and re-plugged this can happen to my mouse keyboard and other USB devices, lastly after the problems build up my PC hits a climax and all my ports shut off all together. When this happens no unplugging and re-plugging will get the USB devices to work and my only option is to shut down my PC via the external off button. I have tried numerous times to fix this problem researching other sources and doing things such as disallowing usb's to shut of to save power, resetting bios, de-dusting my computer, turning on power saver, using different keyboards and mice, and many other software tweaks. Nothing works.

I'm at a loss and i have no idea if this is a software or a hardware problem, if its a power issue or a heat issue? I would love some opinions and some help. At the moment my PC is unusable and this problem has caused me to lose work as I could not save and made playing games impossible. If you need more information i would be happy to provide it, Thanks.


CPU: i5-2400 CPU 3.10GHz

Operating system: Windows 10

Graphics card: GTX 1050ti


Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-H61M-S2PV


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