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Hi all,

I'm very new to Linux, so forgive my ignorance here. I'm looking to build a settop box to play media on my tv, and was wondering if there's an existing way to boot directly into a media player with Linux, and if there's one with a Zune/Windows Media Center style interface.

I have a number of TV shows, movies, songs, and pictures I'd like to view using the TV and a remote control, and WMC was great for that with the TV Library plugin from JackLuminous, and Zune was great for management, it just needed the advanced id3 tag editor from WMP from WinXP. In managing the media, I'd like to add DVD cover art for movies and series/seasons so I don't have a bunch of video thumbnails. For pictures, I'd like to people tag and geotag if possible to sort by person or location (on a map). The player could play mkv, multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitle tracks, and sort video/audio/images/pdfs/roms into Music, TV, movies, audiobooks, podcasts, books, comics, magazines, pictures, and games

Is there something close to this, or would it be doable to make?



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