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Very New to Linux


I was talking to my friend earlier about secure OS's and I know there's a Tails and Qubes version of Linux out there. But my thing with Linux is the interface. I know I can get a theme for it, but I would like a very Metro UI a la Windows Media Center, Zune Desktop, Zune HD, Windows 8. Is that something already available, or something someone is working on?

My second question would be, is there a media player/manager app that can handle audio, video, pictures, and games with a Zune/WMC-style interface? I'm looking for something relatively feature rich if possible, organized into music, podcast, audiobook, TV, Movie, pictures, and games (for emulation); able to switch audio tracks on video, and have multiple subtitles and search subtitles, hopefully people and geotag pictures; advanced ID3 tag editing and sorting; series/season art for TV shows and dvd covers for movies. I used to use JackLuminous's TV Library plugin for WMC but since we're now on Windows 10, that's no longer an option. I'm open to turning to Linux but I'm looking for a really nice-looking media program. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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