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Hi guys! I would like to confirm something to not sediment wrong concepts.

In the configtx.yaml file, which MSP is it referenced in the MSPDir?

- &SampleOrg
Name: SampleOrg
ID: SampleOrg
MSPDir: msp

On the official sample file we have this explanation:

"MSPDir is the filesystem path which contains the MSP configuration."

For whom is this configuration (MSP path)? The admin of the company?

Let me explain my question. When we create identities on a certain CA we are identifying nodes, users or whoever (machines or people) will have access to the network. Therefore, the identity should be related to some player of the network. Company is a more broad and abstract concept, then we need a more specific representative of this abstract concept. So are we using the admin's identity to personify the organization? Should that be the pattern when representing companies?

In the example we were working in this course we see that the admin along with the root CA certs are present, so looks like that's the idea.



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