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Lab 2 file name

If the Lab 2 instructions: to create a new container definition (in the services section) Our container name will be "peer1.org1.example.com. However, in my docker-compose.yml my file name is "peer0.org1.example.com" does this matter and if it does how do i correct or update the file?

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  • PallabPaul
    PallabPaul Posts: 2
    edited May 2019

    In this lab they mean that you should be creating a new peer which they called peer1. You should not correct or update the peer0 configuration. Instead, you should copy the entire code from the lab all the way from:


    • basic

    and paste it right under the peer0.org1.example.com configuration in your docker-compose.yml.

    The point of this lab is to add a peer so we are adding peer1 and also keeping our original peer0.

  • sksong
    sksong Posts: 12

    thanks. i found out is some copy and paste command issue cause of different pdf viewer. using google chrome browser to copy the command will work correctly.

  • etrelz
    etrelz Posts: 29

    Thank you.


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