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OS system requirements - definitely 8GB RAM?



I was planning on bringing up a Digital Ocean droplet to be a "playground" for the LFS216 course. (I use a Mac locally, and apparently running on a VM locally isn't an option.)

However, I notice the system requirements recommend 8GB memory, which seems quite a lot - and some cash - for a server that won't be doing very much.

Has anyone any advice/experience as to whether less memory than 8GB is workable?



  • neiljsmith
    neiljsmith Posts: 6

    Actually, I've found the answer myself further on in Section 2.1:

    "We will be using two virtual machines for most lab exercises - [they use] very little memory and disk space."

    "There is an optional exercise that installs a pre-configured Operating System and application on to the temporary VM, however, this installed appliance requires a minimum of 8GB of memory for the VM. The optional exercise with the large memory
    requirement is clearly marked."


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