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Trying to Troubleshoot HPLIP

dk1994 Posts: 3

I bought an HP 3830 printer not too long ago, and now I'm trying to set up the scanning feature. I downloaded HPLIP off of Synaptic Package Manager, but every time I go to the menu and click on the icon to bring it up, it doesn't do anything. I have the most up to date version of Debian. What are your suggestions?


  • arochester
    arochester Posts: 367
    edited May 2019

    Did you download the firmware (driver) from HP?

  • dk1994
    dk1994 Posts: 3

    @arochester said:
    Did you download the firmware (driver) from HP?

    HP doesn't offer any drivers on their website. Instead, they forward me to SourceForge, and whenever I download and try to install the driver from there, I get an error message saying it didn't install correctly (which is probably due to some downloads having malware bundles, according to Wikipedia).

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