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Inconsistency between exam guide and course curriculum


In the Domains and Competencies section of the exam guide, there are several topics mentioned that (unless I missed them) appear nowhere in the course.

(this seems to affect only the "Service Configuration" section)


  • Restrict access to the HTTP proxy server
  • Configure an IMAP and IMAPS service
  • Configure a caching DNS server
  • Maintain a DNS zone
  • Configure email aliases

I do not remember seeing this issues being elaborated anywhere in the course.

Are we supposed to also prepare for these challenges also?


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    yes you are right, they are not elaborated. The domains and competencies section is foolish on these and those of us who design the course are not responsible, and have registered our disagreement to the exam people more than once but there really is nothing we can do about it. (This is really an FAQ). These are all topics covered in LFS211 which is designed to help with the LFCE exam. LFS201 is already overlong and since we find it highly unlikely someone can design short exercises on these types of questions, we don't even try to put in long chapters on these.

    While I find it highly unlikely you would be tested on these questions, I cannot promise it. Sorry I don't have a more satisying answer :(

  • pkaramol
    pkaramol Posts: 3
    edited April 2019

    That's all right coop. Many thanks for getting back at me either way, I really appreciate it.


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