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Software Deployment Options

jaydemp Posts: 1


New to Linux and Ubuntu so excuse my ignorance. My company would like to have Intel Nuc PC’s in the field, anywhere from 10-1000 units will be deployed across the world. We will be running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on each unit and have our custom scanning software installed and basic drivers that we already know are supported by Ubuntu. We would like the ability to push SW updates to our units with the following criteria:

Update SW at a moment’s notice
Be able to update some of the units, or all of the units at once
Able to update drivers/FW/.exe’s
Able to push the updates over the cloud with little to no user interaction needed. The units will be headless, as any user interaction with the pc will be through an ipad

Is this able to be done through the store, or is there any SW like snappy that we could use?



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