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reg cf Login

Created new user using cf user and tried to login using cf login and CLI is asking email Id and password. Can some one help me how to login?


  • Created account with pivotal and able to login using cf login with email id and password. How ever not able to download the jar file from https://cff-cf4devs-staging.cfapps.io/apps/rest-data-service.jar. Error is 404 Not Found: Requested route ('cff-cf4devs-staging.cfapps.io') does not exist.

  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,770

    Instructions on how to download all course resources are on page 1.7 of the course. Please use those instructions to retrieve all files needed.

  • Thank you. Downloaded class-artifacts.tar and able to see the necessary file when I unzip that file.


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