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Lab01 - setup Hyperledger Fabric Network - configtxgen - setup MSP manager failed



I'm referring to lab's instruction pdf on page 4 at top paragraph, when running 2nd command:

"configtxgen -profile FourOrgsChannel -outputCreateChannelTx channel-artifacts/colleagues/channel.tx -channelID colleagues",
I'm getting below error :

vagrant@ubuntu-xenial:~/fabric-fundamentals$ configtxgen -profile FourOrgsChannel -outputCreateChannelTx channel-artifacts/colleagues/channel.tx -channelID colleagues
2019-04-04 04:32:08.284 UTC [common/tools/configtxgen] main -> INFO 001 Loading configuration
2019-04-04 04:32:08.309 UTC [common/tools/configtxgen] doOutputChannelCreateTx -> INFO 002 Generating new channel configtx
2019-04-04 04:32:08.348 UTC [common/tools/configtxgen] main -> CRIT 003 Error on outputChannelCreateTx: config update generation failure: could not parse application to application group: setting up the MSP
manager failed: the supplied identity is not valid: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority (possibly because of "x509: ECDSA verification failure" while trying to verify candidate authority certificate "ca.org1.hacera.com")

Regarding the error "setting up the MSP manager failed", is this a cause of concern for later stage when starting up Fabric network or is there a workaround on this ? Appreciate any response on this.

Many thanks!


  • indirajith

    Yes, me too encountering the same problem. Have you managed to rectify this?

  • indirajith

    We don't need to do step 1 and step 2 if we use the shell script /03_generate_bootstrap_artifacts.sh. This does all the work for us. So, no need to go deeper. The steps are provided to make us understand what's actually being done by the shell script. Either use the script or the commands. It works.


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