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Just started the training and I am confuse


Hi everyone,

I just started the online training. I didn't see any instruction for installing Cloud Foundry. I am at Chapter 4 and it is talking about using CLI to push the example app to Cloud Foundry. Any help?



  • spgreenberg

    Hi @asif2019,

    While it is possible to run Cloud Foundry locally, we recommend you use a hosted version. Section 1.7 of the course has some information on this. However, this information is not clear and I have asked the course administrators to update the instructions.

    The updated instructions will read:

    You will need to provided your own Cloud Foundry instance to complete this course. While you can install Cloud Foundry locally, this can be challenging and will consume a lot of resources on your computer. For this reason, we recommend you select a hosted provider from the list below (you only need to select one).

    NOTE: If you work for a company already using Cloud Foundry, you should check with your IT department as to the availability of a suitable Cloud Foundry instance.

    The following providers offer free trials with limits large enough to complete the course:

    The following providers offer a free trial. However, the free trials impose resource limits and you will have to upgrade to a paid plan to complete the course:

    The following providers offer a free trial, however the sign up process requires a manual approval by the provider or additional steps to get started:

    Any other certified provider (https://www.cloudfoundry.org/certified-platforms/) should also work, but terms for access will vary based on that commercial provider’s approach.

  • asif2019
    asif2019 Posts: 4

    Thanks Spgreenberg for clearing this part. Can I install CF Dev on separate computer and access it from my training laptop?

    I will get my account on Pivotal Web Services but PCF documentation actually recommend to use CF Dev for development proposes.

  • spgreenberg

    If your laptop has enough memory, you can install PCF Dev on it and use it for the class.

    I have not used PCF Dev in quite some time so I am unsure if it exposes a routable API endpoint or not. If you want to install it on another machine, you might have to perform some local network routing, dns and perhaps firewall actions to make the instance routable from outside the machine it is running on. You could try it though.


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