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kubeadm init fails


Please find attached screenshot of failed kubeadm init fail. Can i add CPUs by command as these settings are no more available in GUI under settings.

Moreover what would be the versions of kubeadm, kubelet and kubectl...as in earlier error there was some message about kubectlnot alugned with docker version.

thanks and appreciate


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,190

    For Google Cloud Compute Engine features please follow Google's documentation. Resizing instructions, if such capability is supported, should be available for GUI and/or gcloud CLI.
    This course's Lab manual presents sets of guided instructions and command outputs so that learners can follow along and assure themselves that the steps have been followed correctly by getting consistent outputs with ones presented in the lab exercises.
    Please follow closely the sizing instructions, software versions, and installation related steps provided in labs. Insufficient resources and other deviations from lab instructions may prevent you from moving forward with the lab exercises as they are presented.


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