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Fedora 29 500gb Hard only storing 52.6gb


I have two hard drives on my laptop. One has 1tb with windows 10 and the other is 500gb (witch I took from an old laptop) with fedora 29. When I went into the disk usage analyzer(DUA) on fedora 29 notice that it said I had 40.7gb/52.6gb available despite the fact the the hard hard was 500gb. So I booted into windows to format the hard drive and made sure that the drive was formatted properly. After that I then reinstalled the fedora 29 on to the 500gb hard drive. After I reinstalled the operating system the DUA still said it had 52.6gb. What was even more weird was that when I went into gParted to check the drive partitions the partition with the lvm2 file system(which is 464.57 Gib) was all yellowed out. Is there way that I can store a reasonable amount of space without having to reinstall fedora.


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