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Battery issue

Hi, I got an ASUS FX504 laptop and I have a problem with the battery. I got dual boot with windows 10. The problem is when I use windows the battery duration is about 5-6 hours, but in Ubuntu 18.04 the battery duration is about 2 hours maximum. what should I do to enhance the battery?


  • ppicom
    ppicom Posts: 1

    Hi! I have the same issue on a Xiaomi Mi Air Notebook 13. I'd love to leave Windows behind, but it seems as if Linux (at least the Ubuntu distro) had no power management software whatsoever, and the computer is always running at max capacity hence severely affecting the duration of the battery. Fans are still at 100% speed, and, in my particular case, battery lifespan is of about 1.5 hours.
    I looked for some packages and found two (which names I can't remember): one was useless, and the other one required to tweak all sorts of configs about motherboard manually and, as the own tool alerted, implied a high risk of bricking the computer.

  • Great Suggestion @ppicom


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