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Custom Camera Drivers


Hello All,
I am trying to research into interfacing a Sony Camera Sensor with Linux Operating System. Untill now I have found that I will be needing a Sensor Bridge to interface the camera with Parallel Interface. I have been checking the linux kernel on github and has a limited number of camera drivers present.

The questions that I would like to present to the forum are :
1. Do i need to design custom drivers for a camera sensor which is new and not available in the stock linux kernel ?
2. Do i need a Driver for the Sensor Bridge that I will be implementing in the middle of the camera sensor and the CPU ?
3. Will the generic SOC Camera drivers found in the stock linux kernel be sufficient for interfacing the camera into the kernel ?
4. Any other solution in which i do not need to write a set of New drivers ? so any alternative solution would also be most welcomed.

Thank you for the help and support


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