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Lab 4: "push" app, class-artifacts



The roster.jar-1 for Lab 4: Demo, doesn't exist. I would like test "push" before start creating apps(jars).

Incorrect Usage: The specified path '/Users/pilar/class-artifacts/roster.jar-i' does not exist.
Can somebody help on it,




  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,903

    Hi Pilar,

    The demo videos were created to show you how the lab exercises can be done; if files that are named differently are used in the videos, that could be due to the fact that the actual lab exercises and class artifacts have been updated since the demos were created, but the demos were not recreated as the steps are essentially the same or very similar. Please follow the instructions laid out in the lab pdfs and use the current class artifacts, which are closely aligned with the current lab pdf instructions.

    Thank you,
    The Linux Foundation Training Team

  • spgreenberg

    @PilarBrist The error pasted above shows a -i not a -1. I suspect that you are missing a space after the jar name and before the -i flag specifying the number of instances.


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