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Small typo in LFS258: V 2018-11-13


In Lab Exercise 6.3: Working with Jobs, step 11 of Create A Job we are instructed to "increase the sleep argument to five":
args: ["5"] #<-- Edit this line
Then in the same lab, step 2 of Create a CronJob the sleep argument is shown to be three:
args: ["3"]
The lab should either ask for an edit to 3, or else show the correct value (at this point sequentially in the lab) of 5.
If there existed a git repository for the labs, I would have submitted a PR instead. :smile:


  • chrispokorni
    chrispokorni Posts: 2,190

    @tgelter ,
    Thanks for reporting this typo. It will be fixed in the next course update.
    Labs are not available in GitHub, only via the downloadable pdf in the course. Please use this forum to report such typos (if they have not been reported earlier), browse for solutions, and report new issues and ask for help when needed.


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