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No sound in Debian 9 for most of the start ups of the system (sound card is recognized)


Hi! I installed Debian 9 64-bit a couple days ago in a Compaq Presario desktop. Everything was going ok until I found that there was no sound. Initially this was solved with a reboot. Unfortunately in most of the successive start ups of the system the sound didn't work (about 25 of let's say 30 times).

I made sure that the system recognized the sound card and that a kernel driver was loaded (I think that this kernel driver is the right one cause the sound worked for a few sessions, as stated above. The kernel driver is ice1724). I also used alsamixer to make sure that every channel was not muted and installed the pavucontrol package to check that the correct sound card was selected. More information of the state of ALSA in the system can be found here, which is a report generated using the alsa-info.sh script downloaded from the alsa-project website.

The original desktop sound card stopped working, so another one was installed (this occurred a few years ago and the sound had worked well until I installed Debian), namely an Encore enm232-8via sound card. Nonetheless, the system still recognizes 2 sound cards (this was checked using lscpi), because the old one is integrated to the motherboard.

While looking for a possible solution for the no sound problem I read that having multiple sound cards could cause issues, that's why I added a file in /etc/modprobe.d that ended in .conf which forced the system not to load the kernel module of the old sound card. Here is the content of such file:

# options snd_ice1724 model=av710
blacklist snd_hda_intel

As you can see, I also tried to add the model option to the kernel module associated with the newer sound card, cause when I checked the kernel logs (using dmesg) a message appeared saying that there is no matching model for ice1724. As I thought that solving this could lead to the solution I tried some models listed on the Module snd-ice1724 section of this page, but they made no difference (also I couldn't figure out exactly which one is the proper one for the Encore card if there is any).

I'll appreciate any help as this problem has been taking me more time that I can afford!
Thanks a lot in advance!



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