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Lab 7.2 and Listen directive

CarloMartini Posts: 16
edited December 2018 in LFS211 Class Forum

I was able to access the Apache-served document of this lab (/ipvhost/index.html) only after editing /etc/httpd.conf and adding this directive:


(The IP matches the virtual interface I created)

I'm on a Fedora machine (not a real server!), so I'm wondering if the Lab was just missing this bit of information, or if other configurations won't need such a directive.


  • tdsgit
    tdsgit Posts: 11

    If one has a port different from 80 ( default) its good to add a directive to listen to a specific port.
    Listen 80 is default in httpd.conf (centos 7), which means Listen *:80 or main server will listen at port 80 of all bound IPs including any virtualhosts if defined.
    Not sure about ubuntu though.

  • Ok, I got it. My configuration add only:

    instead of
    Listen *:80

    So adding the single alias/port was mandatory.


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