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Facing issue in Lab2.2 - python-systemd error

Can you please help to complete Lab2.2 ( Openstack installation using devstack)?
Script stack.sh execution is returning this error.
++inc/python:get_from_global_requirements:389 die 389 'Can'\''t find package python-systemd in requirements'

Here is /opt/stack/logs/error.log file contains:

/home/ubuntu/devstack/stack.sh: syntax error near line 973 <<<
/home/ubuntu/devstack/stack.sh: syntax error near line 980 <<<
/home/ubuntu/devstack/stack.sh: syntax error near line 981 <<<
/home/ubuntu/devstack/stack.sh: syntax error near line 982 <<<
/home/ubuntu/devstack/stack.sh: syntax error near line 983 <<<
/home/ubuntu/devstack/stack.sh: syntax error near line 984 <<<

Changing systems-python by python-systemd in stack.sh did not solve the problem.
Note that I followed LSF252 errata for Lab2.

Could you please help to fix this issue?


  • Here is the fix of the systemd-python error
    1)edit stack.sh to make this change
    pip_install_gr systems-python to pip_install_gr python-systemd
    2)edit /opt/stack/requirements/global-requirements.txt to add this line


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