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Chapter 9 - Email Servers - Configuring an email alias

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I have taken the LFCS multiple times and several of the topics led me to to add the LFS211 class to the list of courses one should probably take prior to attempting this LFCS. My last email admin experience goes back to sendmail in the 90's ;) so postfix and dovecot are not my forte - and I see Tecmint attempting to offer input that is not super refined on this topic. Something like:
1. Determine where aliases are configured with "postconf alias_maps". (Configurable, but in this case my system returns /etc/aliases).
2. Create the alias in alignment with the man page - "joe: joe@joes.preferred.machine" or perhaps "root: joe" so someone is reviewing root's email would be a really relevant System Admin type thing to do.
3. Run "newaliases" to pick up the changes.


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    @efaile Please refrain from posting topics related to exam content. You are welcome to make suggestions for course content improvements, but you cannot mention tasks encountered during the exam. All such posts will be deleted in the future.

  • efaile

    Understood. I was not at all thinking of test content - but reasonably speaking I should have been. Just wanted to contribute in a positive manner. Thank you for the note/reminder.


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