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Touchscreen Issues


I've used Linux in the past and was thinking of making my laptop duel boot. I'm not a wiz when it comes to tech. Couldn't code if my life depended on it so, I like having a GUI and all that. Just looking for a stable and easier to use distro but, I've been told by a few that because it's a cheap hybrid laptop/tablet that I won't be able to find a version of Linux that will run well at all. Now, it's not a fancy computer and it's just a touchscreen, nothing like one of the high end ones that can double as a drawing tablet. So, is there hope or am I going to have to wait till the more technically minded folks get the drivers and software working right?

Guess the older I get more I dislike Windows and with what they pulled when I bought my last macbook I'm not giving Apple another dime.


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