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Artistic typography on the phone


Artistic typography on the phone

If you are not proficient in Photoshop, and you are not an artful person, it is very difficult for you to create beautiful typography graphic artwork for your photos. Creating typography stickers, which was previously difficult for people who do not know how to use photoshop, now has a lot of applications that help you make the text design easy, quickly on your phone.

What is typography?

From Greek, "typography" is paired by τύπος - typos meaning "form" and γράφειν - graphein means "to write". In a nutshell, Typography is the art and technique of word placement. It's like being an artist is playing a puzzle, but the pieces here are letters, characters. A talented painter will give a product that is an easy-to-read, eye-catching, bearable message that can and will fit as much as possible. Typography is the process of creating a "picture". visualization through the expression of letter text, ie, the image in the language and readable, so designers have different ways to express the message of the product to the user.

Make Typography photos right on your phone

Now, just type the words "typography", "text on photo", or "text design" in the search bar on CH Play, hundreds of apps will be suggested for you. There are applications that provide beautiful fonts; There are applications that offer hundreds of available typography with quotes or meanings; There are applications that allow photo editing right in the app.

The request to search using my application is very simple. Just the right application for the main function I'm looking for, a simple, easy-to-use application interface, the product can be stored directly on the phone and shared directly on some social networking sites. After looking through some apps on CH Play I decided to install "Text on photo & Typography photo editor - Overlay". The first reason why I decided to choose the Typography photo editor was because of the icon and the set of screenshots of the app. Images on icons and screenshots are very light, sophisticated, attractive but give the viewer a pleasant feel. Some of the images on Overlay's screenshots also hinted at many of the design ideas for my graphics.
After loading the app and using it for a while, I am quite satisfied both with the quality of the application and the customer service of the manufacturer.

First, the interface in the application is simple and very easy to use. The typography toolkit is quite professional, making it easy to insert text on images.
Within the application of hundreds of beautiful Typography and art prints, these Typography stickers are also constantly being selected and updated. The most distinctive feature is that the Text design sets are well-quoted, quoted, and suitable for many photos with many contexts. When you need a photo that boosts your self-motivation, the inner effort will also have the appropriate typography. When your mood goes down for the sake of sadness after a broken heart, to post a self-comforting picture you can easily create. Or the photos are designed with the words "quietly listening" is also easy to create thanks to the Typography is available in the app.

In addition to inserting text into the image, you can edit the image in the application, creating the most requested image before inserting the typography.
After completing the editing, the application also provides live photo sharing functionality on your social networking sites.

In addition to the above advantages, the user care service of the manufacturer made me very satisfied. I use the Samsung Galaxy S7, the first time I use "Text on photo & Typography photo editor", the application is wrong, I also understand that this is a very new application, the error is understandable. I sent feedback on a bug I encountered right on the app review, and I immediately received a response from the manufacturer. And 1 day later the bug was fixed. Here, I highly value the quality of service of the manufacturer Overlay - Vintro Media & Photo Editor. In addition to "Text on photo & Typography photo editor - Overlay", there are a lot of cool photo editing apps on Vintro Media & Photo Editor, maybe I'll try downloading and experiencing.

Besides these advantages, the application still has some disadvantages. Although there are hundreds of Typography series, it certainly will not be enough for many people. In addition, the application needs to add text to the image, allowing users to create their own Typography with the quotes of themselves.Text on photo is still in development, hopefully the next update of the application will be better and more complete.

Thanks to Text Over Photo & Typography photo editor, my personal page has been completely replaced, the photos with super nice typography, super art is a hundred like. Along with that, the banner maker, graphic designer works much better with the Typography photo editor application. I also introduced Overlay to my friends, friends who love Typography Overlay, and who are happy after the experience. We hope that the Typography photo editor will quickly update the new version, more functional, more useful, better user experience.


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