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Finishing a Goal


I've seen the offer last year and didn't jump on it since I was finishing school to get my masters. Now that i'm finish. I seen the class up for grabs and told myself not to hesitate. I have experience with Linux and it's been a min. I'm going for the LFCE to complete my goals. Is it possible to finish by New Years or at best February?


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    The course itself is expected to take 40-70 hours of your time, depending on your experience level etc. Plus you may have to spend some time on preparation material such as what is in LFS101x (for free at edx.org) which in total is a similar investment., but probably you only some of it, maybe 1/3. So you need to prepare for a minimum of one week of your full time, and 2+ weeks at worst.

    But even more important this will only prepare you for LFCS. For LFCE you need the equivalent of LFS211, another full length
    course. LFCE is a harder exam for sure than LFCS as it is at a higher level. Don't expect to take LFS201 and pass LFCE, that's not realistic unless you are rather experienced to begin with. Of course I believe the offer gives you a full year to take advantage of it, so the quick deadline should be flexible I hope

    I hope this helps.


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