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Old Fogey new to Linux


Hello People,
Thank you for allowing me to make a contribution however small to this excellent community. I retired from an electronics manufacturer (SME) here in Nottingham, England some 6 years ago, and live peacefully with my wife Anne and our two cats in a village called Gunthorpe. I was the General Manager at my last business which manufactured Public Address & Alarm systems for installation in hazardous environments such as the oil and gas extraction industry, where there is an obvious risk of fire, or explosion. I have used computers all my life starting with MS-DOS and graduating through a mind boggling succession of Widows iterations throughout the years. In my early career in manufacturing industry in the 1970s I commissioned and purchased my first mainframe computer for use in the business for stock control, ledgers, payroll and SOP, POP etc. This of course was proprietary like IBM and I have never had any exposure to this mysterious Linux throughout my career.

I am very excited to have successfully installed Mint 19 as a dual boot with Win 10 PRO on a spare Dell Optilex 780 desktop and am looking forward to a great adventure as I learn more about it. I don't doubt that I will need some help from time to time, so please bear with me.



  • dday35216

    Welcome aboard The world just got to be a bigger place... Enjoy Mint, but don't limit yourself to only that. I have always had a "steady" daily driver over the years.. Ubuntu, Mint, Zorin, now I'm running GalliumOS ( meant to repurpose chromebooks and it's running flawlessly on an old Acer 720P ).. but have a couple of old laptops that I continuously load new distros on just to play around with them and see what they are like.

    As you know, with Windows you got .. well, Windows. Not much customization to be done. With Linux, the desktop is yours... :)


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