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Quickstart course pages very slow to load

I'm finding the course very slow to navigate through, it takes 10-20 seconds to load each page/slide.
For example, this is network stats for loading page 1.17 (Installation: What to use for this course)
20 seconds to load a simple text page.

Using Firefox on Ubuntu, same problems in Chrome.

There are a couple things that stick out to me:
1. Resources download very slowly (200KB of JS between 3 and 15 seconds)
2. There are multiple duplicate files downloaded (The JS files are labeled /device_TabletPortrait/<course name>, /device_TabletLandscape/<course name> etc, so I assume it's giving me several versions of the page and deciding which one to use client-side

I have similar speed issues with the videos (lots of buffering).

I'm on a decent connection (80/30 Mbps), but I'm in New Zealand, so maybe that's part of the issue?

Is anyone else experiencing this?


  • Hi ronniegane,

    Can you try from another network, please? Just to be sure that's not the issue. I'm in Peru and it works good for me.


  • Sorry for the late reply - yes Luis, it does seem to be network specific. The LMS/quickstart pages seem to load fine at other houses, or tethering off my phone. So could be something weird with my ISPs routing, I guess? House with the slow loading is using Spark internet.

    I'm not sure what the other possibilities are, or if there's any possibility to fix it. I guess I will stick to doing this course at other houses or tethering to my mobile.

  • Hi ronniegane,

    So could be something weird with my ISPs routing, I guess?

    It looks like that. I don't think we can do something to fix it, as you already verified that this is network specific (and not the platform itself). But if I were you, I would try changing the DNS servers with Google's or OpenDNS's.



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