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Issue with Lab 3.1 - Perhaps just needs clarification


Progressing well on lab 3.1 till step 33. issuing the command with a --export results in the following:

  • creationTimestamp: null
  • selfLink: /apis/extensions/v1beta1/namespaces/default/deployments/try1
  • status: {}
  • uid is not present
  • resourceVersion is not present

Step 33 states that all the above fields should have been removed when using the --export flag. Which is not the case. I acknowledge that it also states that later versions of k8s it doesn't matter, but the step should be clarified to avoid confusion.

Also, I am assuming the lines should be removed from my yaml file and proceeding on with the labs as such. Please advise if this is not correct or if there is a different intent.



  • Hi @bhand ,
    You are correct, the 4 fields mentioned in step 33 and the Status information needed to be removed before attempting to create a new resource/object from the exported yaml configuration file. Otherwise, you were receiving conflict error messages.
    From the output above it seems that the "--export" option worked, with the exception of the "selfLink" field. Based on the newer K8s version this remaining field is expected to be handled accordingly during the creation of a new object.
    If you receive a conflict error message while creating a new resource/object from a yaml config file with selfLink field present, then just edit the yaml file and remove it manually. Once removed there should be no more conflict errors.

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