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Why is GPT ignored?

Shouldn't GPT be at least mentioned on "Chapter 17 - Disk partitioning"?


  • coopcoop Posts: 699

    No good reason, other than complexity. This will be in the next version coming out not too long from now, it is currently being worked on, but there is no date yet

  • That's good to know. So, is the new version going to have material for both ms-dos and GPT partition tables?

  • coopcoop Posts: 699

    I expect so. Since I am the principal author my expectation should be reliable. We can't do small changes in real time as updating requires updating the entire course, not just a slide or two and so changes have to be batched. The next update will involve going through things from beginning to end, making sure things are working and relevant to the latest distribution versions, fixing minor things and adding some new material etc. This is in the todo list. We try to do such updates at least once of twice a year and sometimes even quarterly depending on need to update. All students automatically get the new version without interruption.

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