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Ubuntu web server with blog and secure



I'm new to this forum, and pretty new to Ubuntu.
I'm coming in here seeking advice.

My goal is to create a home-made web server and connect through my ISP to the Internet.
It will be a platform for sharing my ideas and opions on things, maybe post some DIY videos, and do some blogging.
But I also want it to be secure from hackers and attackers.

Would someone please post some links that OUTLINE this process, and then OUTLINE each step in the process so I can do it?
The problem I keep running into is the different GUI's in the instructions of installing and running programs.

To reiterate: I have Ubuntu Desktop already installed on a computer.
I also downloaded XAMPP and AMPPS, in case they are of any use.

Incidentally, I already tried this on my Windows box using AMPPS and WordPress.
After a week of trying to get WP to build a simple web site, with a simple blog, I quit trying.
IMO, WP is a POS. I don't understand all the hype about it.
Note: In the past I've written my own simple html web pages and built a few web sites using simple html.
But this newer stuff is more complex, considering the CMS involved.
So any help would be appreciated.




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