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Why I can not see the Raid0 created in bios?

Hi, somebody can help me with some information about why I can not see the Raid0 created in bios?

I have a motherboard EPC602D8A with 2 chipsets: Intel C602 (Sata2 x 4, Sata3 x 2) and Marvell SE9172 (Sata3 x 2). I create in BIOS a Raid0 on Marvel and another Raid0 on Intel C602.
When I start installation of OS in the section 'detect disk' it's show me nothing ask me to verify if the SSDs are connected. When I install OS with no Raid partition it see all SSD I have plugged. I verified all SSDs one by one all cables too but nothing...
So how can I see the Raids created in Bios? Is something else should I do to be able to see them? I tried on RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, Kubuntu but the same thing!
So if you have informations about this please help me !
Thank you!



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