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Ability to execute any Lab without dependency on the erroneous previous LAb materials.


If I want to work directly on Lab 7, there is no way I can do it unless all steps in previous are done, successful and above all the LinuxFoundation Lab manual has proper instructions.

Its bit frustrating to see the bad quality of Linuxfoundation study materials.


  • sudeepbatra1975

    If I am stuck on Lab 5 due to any wrong Lab documentation, there is no code to quickly execute before and directly focus on the later Lab like Lab 7.
    Why LinuxFoundation cannot check its course material and do a good job ???

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    I will not comment on the technical aspects of your comments, but your tone is not helpful. You have posted 4 or 5 complaints in one day on a weekend and are freaking out at not getting timely response. This is not a 24/7 help line, but is a forum and is conscientiously monitored, which you will see if you look at the other threads in here, and your comments will be taken up and clarifications and corrections made as needed.
    Talking about "bad quality" and "poor job" etc before anyone has a chance to engage with you is not a good way to play with others or get help. It is often the case that the material is fine but is being misunderstood. Where there is something wrong it will be improved.

    Mellow out and wait

  • chrispokorni

    There is a certain progression to the labs, and they could be treated as a project. The earlier material is more basic and are the building blocks for the following, more challenging ones. Exposure to YAML troubleshooting techniques and a little research will ensure a much better understanding of the course materials and the hands-on labs. Since we learn by doing, the labs really complement the written material and give an opportunity to apply the concepts while deepening Kubernetes skills.

  • chrispokorni

    Please provide an error output because it may help in troubleshooting the issue.


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