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Lab 5 Page 4 unclear steps


I am surprised at the substandard quality of Linux Foundation Training materials.

Section 12 says to add only lines after volume but in the main simpleapp.yaml, the volumeMounts is not present. so the instructions are not clearly written. again a proper downloadable yaml file with correct indentation helps a lot.

student@ckad-1:~$ vim app1/simpleapp.yaml

  • image:

  • mountPath: /etc/cars
    name: car-vol
    imagePullPolicy: Always
    name: try1
    initialDelaySeconds: 15
    periodSeconds: 20
    volumes: #Add this and following four lines

  • configMap:
    defaultMode: 420
    name: fast-car
    name: car-vol
    dnsPolicy: ClusterFirst
    restartPolicy: Always


  • chrispokorni

    Hi, understanding the structure and the resources relationship in a YAML file add value to your Kubernetes learning experience. At this step since volumeMounts are introduced for the first time, one would assume they need to be added to the YAML file together with the volumes definition.

  • kozdog
    kozdog Posts: 3

    Not even going to sugarcoat it. This course sucks.

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    Saying just "this course sucks" helps neither other students or moderators and course designers, who can explain, accept criticisms, make changes etc. If you have a specific point to make please do so so that your contribution is positive, not negative. The moderators have been extremely responsive on a subject which is fast moving and has to deal with upstream changes constantly.


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