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windows hatered support group?


well I have had it with windows.... I have a few more choice words but ill save those for another time. Ive been wanting to try out Linux for quite awhile now, and finnaly did. A couple of weeks ago, and let me say I loved it. I tried two different distros, mint and kumbutu and both were great. now the issue im having with doing a full on switch to Linux of any distro is, I mainly use my computer for gaming and I have gotten a lot of my hardware to work the way I want it to but not all of it probably 75% go 25% nogo. mainly actual games, my mouse and keypad, as well as the some of the lighting affects which go had in had with my fans and important temp sensors I need to see when my pc is under a lot of load. I can see them in the bios but cant get to them it seems through the os. im not that computer literate but I can do some stuff and fumble through a lot more lol. im hoping someone on here could possibly shed some light for me into some of these issues so I can finally tell windows to stick it!!


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