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BPF/WASM and FIlesystem driver


Hi. The idea is to use Berkley Packet Filter or WebAssembly to store filesystem drivers into... partitions! On kernel site there will be only small driver to load correct driver and compile it.
That's allow filesystem developers to change structure of filesystem without change of versioning. In fact, when structures of filesystem get update, new driver will be written onto partition.

You should only kept stable API or allow to filesystem driver versioning.

Why this solution?
1. To boost filesystem developing
2. To allow update filesystem structures without needs to update each system on computer
3. To make dream of Lenart about installing many Linux distribution on the same partition (on btrfs filesystem) reality - no needs to be scary what happens if somebody ran older kernel

What do you thing?
I know you probably blame me, but in my opinion, idea is worth to introduce.


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