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Labs 28.2 and .3

Sorry to be a continuing pest, but I appreciate all the help.

  • In point 3 of lab 28.2 it says there's TinyCoreLinux isos in a folder called RESOURCES/s_28 (and this is also referenced as a full path in a command line argument in 28.3). I'm assuming that ready-for.sh was to install it but I don't seem to have it. It didn't matter though as I downloaded from TCL's site. Will I need this folder for further labs?
  • tc-install is not available on TinyCore-current.iso (CorePlus is fine). It might be worth clarifying that.
  • I notice that I have to force the TCL VM to shutdown, is this because I'm running this VM under a VM?
  • Exercise 28.3 minor typo in title: Doing from [t]he command line.


  • coop
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    These iso's should have been available as they are up at the LF training website, but not specifically for this course, so I have to investigate what is said in the course and how best to put them up. This will have to wait until Monday, so please wait

  • coop
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    edited October 2018

    Please go to https://teaching.linuxfoundation.org/cm/LFS201 and download LFS201_RESOURCES.tar.gz. The login credentials can be found in the introductory chapter in the course, on page 1.10. You will find the relevant files in the resource directory.

    Also note the references to "LFS301" in the labs should be "LFS201" but they make no difference as they are aliased to be the same in ready-for.sh

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this before, that these files were not there as it has been that way all year! It will be fixed in the next release this winter.

    Thanks again

  • mo79uk
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    Just correcting a typo, it's: https://training.linuxfoundation.org/cm/LFS201/

  • coop
    coop Posts: 913

    oops, thanks, a brain fart


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