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Bluetooth adapter not found in Manjaro XFCE with Ralink corp. RT3290 Bluetooth controller


I am using Manjaro OS with XFCE dual boot along with Windows. When I use Windows, Bluetooth on my laptop connects and transfers data successfully. However, when I try to connect from Manjaro, it says "No adapter found"!
I have also noticed that the "Adapter" and "Devices" tab are greyed in Bluetooth Manager.

My laptop has Ralink corp. RT3290 Bluetooth built into it. On entering $bluetoothctl, I wrote the command

[bluetooth]# power on

It gave the output "No default controller available".

Can anyone help me fix this?


  • dhatwalia

    I found the solution in this post:


    All u have to do is run these commands:
    $sudo pacman -S bluez bluez-utils

    $sudo pacman -S dkms linux-headers

    $yaourt -S dkms rtbth-dkms-git

    $sudo sudo systemctl enable bluetooth.service

    Create config file using your favourite editor. I have used gedit.
    $sudo gedit /etc/modules-load.d/rtbth.conf

    Type the following within the file.

    Save and exit.

    Then reboot.

    This worked for me


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