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Multiple USB Dongles making UDEV confused

Hi guys,

Totally at the end of my rope with this issue, so just hoping someone more knowledgeable than I can help me hack something together.

I have 3 exactly identical USB Dongles (Huawei).
They all work perfectly when plugged in 1 at a time.
Each one, when plugged in is detected and gets it's network interface.

When I plug in all 3, all 3 are detected. Lsusb will show them all there.
But when I look for 3 network interfaces, one for each modem,
only the first card gets a network interface with an IP address.
The rest are given a silly name like rename123 and are not brought up and given an IP address.

I can bring each interface up and assign an ip address, in which case they all start working again, but I need to OS to handle this.

Is there anyone out there who knows how I can jumpstart udev or the OS to not stop setting up the modems, after the first on is done.


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