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Suggestions for partition labs


Just wanted to say that it is possible to do the partition exercises which can't be done on a zeroed image file on a VM by creating another virtual hard drive for the VM (under VirtualBox; I'm sure the other hypervisors can do it) by right-clicking on the OS entry, selecting Settings | Storage | and adding an appropriate-sized disk.
When you next boot the VM you can find it with fdisk -l and go crazy.

This is a tip for others who come across these labs, but it might be good to add these instructions on an update of the course?

Also, when I do the labs, I avoid looking at the solution section until I'm done/stumped. I usually accomplish this by copying just the questions to a text file, but it might be good to require one to scroll to the next PDF page to see the solutions. Just a minor thing.

In general, I'm enjoying the course!


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    Yes this can be done, and I have done this many times. You don't even have to add a new drive if you use one of the VMs supplied by the Linux Foundation; they all have at least 30 GB of drive with only 20 GB partitioned, quite deliberately for a number of courses which require making partitions.

    We have quite consciously avoided giving detailed instructions for how to use the various hypervisors students can use, including virtual box, vmware, kvm, parallells, vmfusion, azure, etc. It's a rabbit hole and we don't want to provide tech support for these products. I know this from experience. It is difficult even in classrooms as it depends on what their hardware is, what OS they use and what version and/or distribution etc.

    Finally, there are explicit instructions for how to do all these things throughout the course with real partitions. The loopback mechanism is a useful tool to use anyway you look at it. And it is fine to learn how to use it. It is not very good for real production systems as it is silly to go through the extra layer (host fs->loopback) but it useful for learning and testing.

    By the way, the reason we attach the solutions to the pdfs is to avoid having to do two downloads (as well as two uploads for our course preparation staff). I only look at the "one big solutions" file for that reason, that is linked to early in the class. I find frequent downloads annoying


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