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Maintain a DNS Zone + Configure an IMAP and IMAPS service

Among the Domains and Competencies for the exam, there are

"Maintain a DNS Zone"

"Configure an IMAP and IMAPS service"

Can someone please be a tad more specific on what do they mean and the kind of skills required, since these topics are not covered by LFS201?

Of course I have made some research, but I can't find resources using that kind of phrasing as a title and the contents I come across vary widely. Since I lack a good knowledge of these topics even on a theoretical level I'm not sure I'm looking at the correct stuff.

Thank you.


  • Hi CarloMartini,

    I don't have the details, but maintaining a DNS zone includes creating, deleting, editing a DNS zone from the command line, the commands you need to run, the files and files you need to edit. For the most of services (as IMAP/IMAPS) you need to edit one or more files and restart a service, in order to configure it.


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    These things are in the "Service Configuration" section of the Domains and Competencies, which contains other items we don't really get into, mostly related to HTTP servers. It is just unrealistic to cover this stuff in LFS201 because it is already very long and comprehensive, and the odds that an exam question focuses on these items seem low (although I don't actually know.) The list is unrealistically long in this section. Sorry, that is just the way it is.


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