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SSD is Best (But why)


SSD is the update version of pendrive. It’s smaller than HDD and easy to use .And SSD is not reachable for everyone.
1. The interesting part is There is no moving parts in the disk.
2. The SSD have No boring sounds like HDD. It’s a always remain keep silent.
3. There have reservation system on SSD. IT Can’t forget where you store something though you turn of the device. It will be much clear for them who’s familiar with NAND GATE- NOR GATE Idea.
4. Super fast speed. It take to start only 10-15 seconds, while Hdd takes 1 minute+.
5. A normal software to be installed on HDD is take 3much more time than SDD.
6. The weight is very low on of SSD 50-70grm only. which is 2much more less then HDD.
7. The power draw is low on SSD
8. The temperature is very low on SDD and easy to use.
9. Super fast reading and writing ,file opening and application loading.
10. The SSD is much more smaller than HDD. And easily portable from one to place to another place.
11. The life span of SSD is About 200k hours ,where HDD is 100k-130k hours
12. The Biggest facility is the Data of SSD can’t be remove with magnet . For that reason if sometimes it face some damage then there will be no problem for you.
13. The life time of SSD is very much higher from HDD.because of moving birds.
14. The SSD is use low Electricity.


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