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YAML Editor during CKA Exam


I use VS Code editor in my local mechine for YAML editing during my preparation and training for CKA exam. Can I use the same during CKA examinations ?
I found it challenging to use VIM editor for YAML edits due to hidden/tab characters and it took me lot of time to fix without using VS Code editor.


  • chrispokorni

    Hi, the CNCF website provides the information you are looking for, about the resources you are allowed to use during the exam.
    As far as text editors in the Linux environment, I use both vim and nano, and I find them fairly easy to work with. Especially since the YAML indentation rule is just 2 spaces for every indentation - no TABs.
    However, there is an option to replace TABs in vim with customized spacing, if you chose to do so:
    This link is just one of the many available when researching such topic.
    Hoping that this helps.


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