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How to find the ASoC machine driver currently being used?

vysero Posts: 3
edited September 2018 in Multimedia

I am attempting to update an audio CODEC and amplifier on an older embedded Linux platform ( kernel-; however, I am relatively new to Linux (4 months or so of experience) and am struggling to figure out what needs to be done.

I found the documentation in my kernel which was super helpful but somewhat lacking. The audio CODEC driver for the new CODEC exists in the kernel and I know what the old CODEC is. How should I go about finding the current machine driver that the old CODEC is using?

I have tried a few things such as: grep -lr "struct snd_soc_card {" * which yields only one file (soc.h) which I don't believe is what I am looking for. I have also tried grep -lr "struct snd_soc_card" * which yields a litany of files located in sound/soc/

However, I believe I can narrow the results of that search down too:


because the old codec is the wm8753. So, are these the drones I am looking for?


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