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Hello from Valencia (Spain)

Hi Blockchain's students, I am new on this course and I am very excited to follow it.


  • Hola,
    me llamo Toni y tambien soy de Valencia.

  • Hello Martin Jr and hola Toni !

    I'm Jonathan Levi from HACERA. Hope you enjoy the class.
    Please let us know should you have any questions! ;-)

  • Hello Levi,

    I have one question. With this course is possible to do the certification exam (when are available) or is necessary a specific training.

    Now are on the first lab and at moment I like the course.


  • Nice! Thank you - it's really good to hear (or read ;-)) that you like this course.

    So while the certification program is not yet finalized - so I cannot tell or be 100% sure... we were talking to the Linux Foundation guys about the option of having some form of a "bundle" - which includes classes & certification.

    I (or others) will be able to answer it once the plan is final or approved - but I can't see how this material will not be relevant - we are covering the "real thing" with real examples, etc. So while I don't know for sure, I don't think that "getting your hands dirty" by going over the labs - will not help you get a better understanding of Fabric.

    But let's see once the program is in place/finalized - I will be able to respond (here, or post in a new thread) which parts in particular from Fabric Fundamentals are relevant for the certification.

    Thanks, Jonathan


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