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Lab04 ./36_invoke_partyplanning_chaincode_success.sh fails


./36_invoke_partyplanning_chaincode_success.sh fails. Anyone know why?

vagrant@ubuntu-xenial:~/fabric-fundamentals/Lab04$ ./36_invoke_partyplanning_chaincode_success.sh
Create 'blockchain' party with three endorsers (success)
error: [client-utils.js]: sendPeersProposal - Promise is rejected: Error: access denied: channel [colleagues] creator org [Org1MSP]
at /home/vagrant/fabric-fundamentals/Lab04/node_modules/grpc/src/node/src/client.js:554:15
info: [EventHub.js]: _connect - options {"grpc.ssl_target_name_override":"peer0.org1.hacera.com","grpc.default_authority":"peer0.org1.hacera.com","request-timeout":10000}
The transaction was invalid, code = ENDORSEMENT_POLICY_FAILURE
Transaction failed to be committed to the ledger due to ::ENDORSEMENT_POLICY_FAILURE


  • JonathanLevi

    Hi Antonio,

    Jonathan Levi from HACERA here. Just seeing this - let's dig in.

    First, I'm glad you managed to move all the way/so quickly to Lab04. Hope you are having fun.

    1. Did you change any code or is it the default?
    2. At what part of the lab did you get this error?

    I'm asking because Lab04 has a section where we wanted to show the students how a proposed transaction fails... due to a "POLICY_ERROR" (which you have above). We wanted to show a case where an endorsement policy is not satisfied... so that the proposed transaction does not get written/committed to the ledger.

    We "fix" it, 2 lines later down the lab. So that ./36_invoke_partyplanning_chaincode_success.sh should actually succeed.
    So I'm surprised that script "36_invoke..." fails.

    Maybe it is the gRPC error? Can you please try to provide more information, so that we will try to reproduce?

    Thank you, Jonathan

  • ochan42


    I also given error and I did was to install everything without vagrant and it works.



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