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Vagrant ssh error


Is anyone facing issues, while executing vagrant ssh command.
vagrant ssh
/opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.1.5/gems/vagrant-2.1.5/lib/vagrant/util/safe_exec.rb:39:in `exec': Permission denied - /Users/stilwalli//ssh (Errno::EACCES)

I have tried kill the env and running the commands again, but same issue. Any ideas on how i could debug this?


  • stilwalli

    I am running this on Mac OSX High Sierra

  • JonathanLevi

    Seems like a "permission" error (the 'Permission Denied' bit).

    1. How did you install vagrant?
    2. Do you have full access rights to underlying file system?
    3. Also, please can you share the full version of the operating system and the version of vagrant you installed ?

    Thanks again, Jonathan


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