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Exercise 12 is not working. APM-NEWRELIC

created an account at newrelic.
created service and bind the service with the application and restarted the app.
cf cups newrelic -p '{\"licenseKey\":\"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\"}'
cf bs roster newrelic
cf restart roster

unable to view application monitoring events in new relic site.
"still waiting for data from application"

Please help me.


  • It can take a little bit of time for the data to start showing up in NewRelic. If you still aren't seeing data, let's start by trying to ensure the agent is in the droplet and trying to connect. Can you please tail the logs for the roster app in one terminal window and restart it in the other? Once it starts, can you cut and paste the staging logs? I want to be sure the agent is activated.

    If the agent shows in the logs, we also need to be sure the connection isn't being blocked. What CF instance are you using? Can you provide the output of cf running-security-groups?

  • C:\Users\xxxxxxxxxxx>cf running-security-groups
    Acquiring running security groups as 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'


  • Attached logs

  • Thanks for the security groups. I apologize but I was incorrect above. I need to see the staging logs so rather then restarting can you please restage and send the logs?

  • After restage roster app, it is working fine.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Ah ok. That is great. The reason you have to restage for this exercise is that the droplet changes. New Relic works by starting an agent in the same JVM that starts the app. The buildpack will add this agent for you based on the service instance binding.


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