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Have i got it right? Linux installation


I installed linux on a computer with two samsung ssd cards not realising one of the cards was unplugged at the time of installation.
The second card still had windows installed so I lazily unplugged the first card and ran the install again which created a partition I think. I then continued to try a few different things to try to get the computer setup correctly but Im unsure I have managed this and think I may still have a partition and/or the cards trying to run as two different entities.
How can I check the setup properly and can I rectify this from the command line. I am a complete noob so any help will be appreciated.

When I look in the system monitor I have
/dev/sdb1 / ext4 245.1gb 13.8gb used
/dev/sda1 /boot ext4 245.1gb 7.9gb used

I cant remember how i got to this as I followed a tutorial on a forum so my question is does the (/) and (/boot) look like the right configuration.

I need to get this right as I have 5 of these desktops left to me by my late father and need to wipe the disks on all of them and install linux in order to sell them.


  • arochester
    arochester Posts: 368

    ...And does it Boot?...

  • robmarshall13

    Yes it boots fine but I'm thinking I have a 250gb boot partition and the way i understand it is im using a full 250gb ssd just to boot and wont be able to use this space for anything else. Im using the pc now but as i say I have another 4 of these all running windows and with sensitive info on of my late fathers. I would like to sell them with the hard drives cleared and Linux installed correctly. What would be the correct procedure for doing this on the other pc's?

  • dday35216

    I would start by pulling one drive out of all of them. Re-install / install Linux on the remaining drives and then sell them. Plug the remaining SSDs into USB powered enclosures and keep them on format them and sell them too.


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